Terms of use

Theese Terms of Use establish the rights and obligations of the parties resulting from the use of this Website, including those relating to information posted on the Website. You are required to read the Terms of Use carefully. Placing an order through this Website is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions described herein.


I. Definitions of terms.

  1. These Terms of Use are used by the Merchant, extending an invitation to conclude an agreement through this Website, subject to paragraph III section 7.
  2. Privacy Policy – a set of rules for the processing of personal data and protection of privacy applicable to Website Users.
  3. Product – any product(s) or service(s) described on the Website which may be the subject of Order intention placed by the User in compliance with these Terms of Use.
  4. Refund – a refund of the purchase price of the Product described in detail in paragraph VI of these Terms of Use.
  5. Website – the website registered in this domain, owned by the Payment Provider.
  6. User – any person visiting the Website.
  7. Order – an offer made by the User to purchase the Products.
  8. Merchant – This website is owned by Merchant as Alduin Limited; Święty Marcin 29/8; Poznań, Poland (EU).

II. General Terms of Use of this Website

  1. The User placing the Order must be at least 18 years of age and have full legal capacity under the statutory laws applicable in the current location of the User.
  2. There are only several countries to which Products may not currently be shipped. Orders requiring delivery to any such territories will not be processed by the Merchant and will be Refunded. Please choose your location on the Website to see if delivery is possible or consult our customer service department before placing Orders.
  3. Current information on the Products and their prices is valid on the day of its appearance on the Website.
  4. Prices on the Website include all prevailing taxes and fees applicable in the place of the Merchant. There may be additional duties or taxes payable by the User on receipt of the Products by customs in User’s country. The Merchant cannot accept responsibility for these costs. The price quoted for each Product is valid at the time of placing the Order by the User, and may in some cases include the costs of shipping (according to the information on the Website).
  5. The Merchant reserves the right to change prices for Products described on the Website, introduce new Products and withdraw previously presented Products, and to launch and cancel promotional campaigns, or introduce changes to them without prior notice.
  6. The Merchant is not responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the Products. The Merchant is not responsible to companies or third parties for special, indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of the Products presented on the Website.
  7. The Merchant does not accept complaints arising from differences between the actual appearance of the Product purchased, and its appearance on the Website. Any photos or drawings of the Products are displayed on the Website solely for illustrative purposes.
  8. In order to ensure relatively quick order fulfilment, it is necessary to correctly enter the data in the Website’s computer system, or by other means of electronic communication. Providing a telephone number and/or email address is required for order confirmation. Orders may be additionally verified by phone or via email.
  9. Personal data provided upon Order placement is processed by the Merchant to the extent necessary for order fulfilment, including online and offline billing and after-sales service, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  10. Orders which are not paid for in advance, in relation to which there are any doubts, including doubts regarding the reliability of the customer’s personal data, may be verified by the Website’s maintenance team. Such Orders may be cancelled by the Merchant.
  11. Despite best efforts of the Merchant, this Website may not be the best source of information and should not be relied on by a User seeking any medical or professional help. The Merchant cannot guarantee that the information contained herein completely exhausts the discussed subjects. The Merchant shall not be liable in the event of inaccuracies in the contents of the information available. For any Products and/or services purchased through the Website, the User should carefully read all Product packaging, label and instructions. If you have any allergies you must carefully read the contents of each Product before taking. If you have any concerns, it is essential that you discuss with your physician before using any Product. The Merchant reserves the right to change, modify and update the content of the Website at any time.

III. Sale of products described on the Website and Order fulfilment

  1. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, throughout the year.
  2. Orders can be placed on the Internet or by telephone, from anywhere in the world; however, in some countries it is only possible to make a prepayment through the payment system indicated on the Website.
  3. The Merchant reserves the right to refuse to fulfil an Order without specifying the cause.
  4. Orders placed on weekdays after 12 pm (noon), on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be processed on the next business day (in special cases this period may be extended).
  5. Upon confirmation of the Order by the Merchant, an agreement for the sale of the Product is concluded by and between the User and the Merchant. The User may receive confirmation of the agreement’s conclusion in the form of an electronic invoice sent to the designated email address.
  6. The Products ordered from the Merchant will be delivered immediately via mail –. This period may, however, be extended for reasons beyond the control of the Merchant.
  7. If the User chooses prepayment, the Product will be shipped upon receipt of funds in the amount of 100% of the price of the Product(s) and the shipping costs.
  8. Ownership retention. Delivery takes place under ownership retention. Ownership of the goods may pass to the buyer only upon full payment of the price thereof and of any other amounts due to the Merchant with respect to the goods, their purchase or their transportation.
  9. The colours and trimmings of Products displayed on the Website may differ from the actual colours and trimmings of the Products as a result of the printing and photographic technologies used, and photos may not properly reflect the actual hues and shades. The manufacturers of the Products reserve the right to introduce technical modifications to the presented Products without prior notice.

IV. Changing Orders

  1. In the event of ordering a Product whose price has been displayed incorrectly due to an error on the part of the Website’s maintenance team or a server error, the User will be informed of this fact and the Order will be cancelled.
  2. The User may change or cancel the entire Order no later than 2 hours after the Order has been confirmed. In order to do this, you should contact the Merchant via email. Otherwise, unless the User withdraws from the agreement in accordance with paragraph V below, they may have to bear the shipping costs as well as the cost of returning the Product to the Merchant which are equal to the shipping costs.

V. Withdrawal from the agreement

  1. Since the sales agreement between the User and the Merchant is concluded remotely, the User can always withdraw from the agreement without stating any reason within 14 days of the date of Order confirmation.
  2. The withdrawal must always be preceded by telephone contact and a written statement using the template attached below, or attached to the Product delivered to the User, containing the number of the bank account of the User who has paid for the Product. Both the telephone contact and the sending of the statement must take place within the 14-day period specified in paragraph V section 1 above.
  3. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement, the User must immediately, and no later than 30 days from the date of withdrawal, return the Products received to the address indicated by the Merchant. The Products must not bear traces of use and must still be pre-packaged. The User is responsible for damages to the Product resulting from wilful misconduct. The Merchant is obliged to reimburse the User with the full amount paid by the User.
  4. In case where the User does not collect the ordered Products for which they have paid, the Merchant may contact the User in order to resend the package. If the withdrawal period specified in paragraph V section 1 is observed, the User may exercise the right to withdraw from the agreement under the terms specified herein.
  5. The Merchant reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement in the absence of Products in stock which occurred in the course of Order fulfilment, of which the User will be notified, and they will not be required to pay any expenses.

VI. Complaints and Refunds Procedure

  1. All complaints should be sent by letter to the return address indicated on the leaflet attached to the Products delivered.
  2. Complaints may concern Products which do not comply with the agreement, Products which are covered by a satisfaction guarantee, as well as damaged shipments. This chapter governs in particular the complaints filed on the basis of the satisfaction guarantee.
  3. A Refund resulting from the purchase of a Product bought with a satisfaction guarantee is only possible in relation to the first purchase of the Product, and solely with respect to the price of a single Product per person/household, regardless of the total quantity of Products ordered by the User. Shipping costs are not subject to a Refund.
  4. Refunds are possible only when the complaint is sent in writing by the deadline indicated on the Website to the address specified by the Merchant. This period is calculated from the date of receipt of the Products by the User. In the case of a complaint sent by mail, it is necessary that the letter is sent before the deadline indicated on the Website.
  5. All packaging (also used packaging) for the Products delivered must be returned to the address indicated by the Merchant within the period of time indicated on the Website. Failure to return all the packaging will result in the cancellation of warranty and a lack of a Refund.
  6. When using the Complaints Procedure, the User may reclaim the price of a maximum of one purchased Product. Other fees and expenses, including shipping costs, will not be reimbursed. If you order more products, the price will be calculated as the average price of the Product, and the shipping costs of the ordered Product will be borne by the User. The costs of packing and returning the Products or packaging are borne by the User. The Merchant does not accept cash-on-delivery shipments.
  7. Only complaints concerning Products used in accordance with the Merchant’s or with the respective manufacturer’s instructions will be processed.
  8. If the User orders a larger quantity of the Products for long-term use, and after the first month of use they conclude that the Products are not effective, the User has the right to resign from further use of the Products. In such an event, if the User, when using the complaints procedure, returns all the other unused and intact Products to the address indicated by the Merchant, the Merchant shall refund the price of all the intact products, less shipping costs.
  9. The information included in the written complaint should include, at least: personal data of the User who has placed the Order (the User’s name and surname, address to which the Products were delivered, an email address and a telephone number), a list of the Products returned, the date of beginning and finishing the use of the Products and a detailed account of how the Products have been used, and what were the consequences thereof, as well as the bank account number to which the Refund is to be made. In addition, the letter of complaint should be legible, coherent, and should include a legible signature of the User.
  10. Product packaging returned by the User should be properly secured so as to prevent it from any damage. The User should only use packaging or envelopes that guarantee appropriate protection of their contents. Only Products or Product packaging which have not been damaged in return transit can be eligible for the complaints procedure.
  11. Complaints are processed within the period of 14 working days of the date of receipt at the address indicated on the leaflet attached to the Products. The User will be notified of the decision concerning the complaint in the same way in which they have filed it.
  12. Should the complaint be deemed valid, the money for the purchase equal to the price of a single Product purchased shall be transferred by the Merchant, or entity authorised by them, by bank transfer only, to the bank account indicated by the User in the written complaint. If the Merchant has not received payment for the Product purchased by the User, for instance in the case of payment on delivery, reimbursement on behalf of the Merchant may be conducted by the Post Office, courier or shipping company.
  13. With respect to Orders settled upfront with a credit/debit card, where the User files a credit/debit card chargeback at the issuing bank, the processing of their complaint will be put on hold and will not be dealt with by the Merchant until the issue is resolved. Despite having satisfied the complaints procedure, no Refund will be granted to a User whose chargeback was successful.
  14. Damaged shipments. The User is obliged to examine the shipment at the time of its receipt in order to verify whether or not it has been damaged in transit. In the event of the shipment delivered to the User being damaged, the delivering party should complete a damage report at the User’s request, which will be signed by both the User and the delivering party, and which can be used to lodge a complaint. The User has the right to request an exchange of Products free of charge or a Refund. Complaints resulting from mechanical damage caused by the User will not be processed.

VII. Additional information

  1. In the case of improper use of any of the Products, or in the event of use which does not comply with the instructions provided on the packaging and/or the leaflet attached to the Product, the Merchant is not responsible for the consequences of such use.
  2. For further information on the Products presented on the Website, please contact our customer service representatives. For faster response, please call the number provided on the Website or email us using the form available on the Website. When calling the number provided on the Website, you will be charged according to the price list of your telephone services provider.

VIII. Final provisions

  1. The agreement between the Merchant and the User shall be governed by the laws of Poland.
  2. Any disputes will be first settled by negotiation, with the intention of an amicable settlement.
  3. In the event of failure to reach an amicable agreement, the court applicable for any disputes arising out of use of the Website, the Products described on the Website, the purchase of the Products from the Merchant or interpretation of these Terms of Use, shall be the applicable court in Poland.
  4. The Administrator of this Website reserves the right to amend the contents of these Terms of Use by posting new terms on the Website. The changes will be visible to persons submitting Orders online, and will apply to Orders that have been placed after their introduction.



    City/town, date


    Full name of the User

    Residential address


    Address for the delivery of the notification:

    In accordance with the leaflet accompanying the consignment




    of withdrawal from a distance contract



    I hereby declare that I am withdrawing from the agreement for the sale of …………………….. (product’s name) concluded upon confirmation of the order placed by me on …………...……………… (date).


    I request the reimbursement of the amount of ...................................... (in words: .......................................................)  to the bank account no. ............................................................................................ .


    I am returning ................................................................................... (product name and quantity) in an unaltered state.

    Refund Policy

    1. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one. This can be done for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it.
    2. If you want an exchange or a refund, a notification via email must be provided, containing your claim, name and order number. Additionally, in case of exchanges a shipping address must be provided, as well as the bank account number for refunds.
    3. Exchanges and refunds are processed within 30 business days from the day of receiving the data necessary.

    Privacy Policy

      What data do we gather?

      1. We gather the information necessary to process your order and provide Customer care.
      2. We collect your name, shipping address, billing address, email address, phone number(s).We need this information to provide you with our Services, for example, to confirm your identity, contact you, and invoice you. We collect data about the device and browser you use, your network connection and your IP address. We need this information to give you access to and improve our Services.
      3. We use cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data, which may include a unique identifier. Cookies are sent to your browser from a website and stored on your device. Every device that accesses our website is assigned a different cookie by us. We use cookies to recognize your device and provide you with a personalized experience. We also use cookies to serve customized ads from Google and other third-party vendors. Our third-party advertisers use cookies to track your prior visits to our website and elsewhere on the Internet in order to serve you customized ads.
      4. We do not store credit card information.

      How do we gather data?

      1. We collect Personal Information when you sign up for our product, when you access our Services or otherwise provide us with the information.

      How do we manage, disclose and protect the data?

      1. We do not disclose your data to any third parties that are not involved in processing your order.. We follow industry standards on information security management to safeguard sensitive information, such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and any other Personal Information entrusted to us. Our information security systems apply to people, processes and information technology systems on a risk management basis. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, apart from doing our best, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your Personal Information.



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